Cycle Bridge Project

Project of new cycle bridge

During 2019 a new bridge is planned to give access to a new bike corridor.


Pack your bike to fly

We can provide a scale to see if it is below the 30 kg limit.

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Images from CML

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Rua Comandante Fontoura de Costa 6 2 dto 1750-069 LISBOA

+351 96 437 96 09

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From nearest Campo Grande Metro station you have electrical bicycles that you can rent.

You pick it up at a dock station and you leave at another one at your destination.


And you can discover the city in a different way.


The front line near the river is a very nice trip to do.




Cycle lines are appearing all around Lisboa and even from metro da ameixoeira you can travel most of the time on it.

You can order it here:

and see the map of stations here.