How to get to the house from the AIRPORT

From the airport by car or taxi is around 10 minutes.

The blue line can be a little faster but the middle one is the shortest.

Press on the map to go to google maps.

The basic Lisbon taxi fare is €0.47 per km, and there is a minimum fare of €3.25.

The taxis charge €14.80 per hour for waiting (or €0.25 per minute stuck in traffic!).

At night (9pm-6am) the fares increase by 20% - €0.56 per km with a minimum fare of €3.90, but interestingly, the waiting rate is still the same at €14.80 per hour.

Getting outside of Lisbon the fares are more expensive.

There are additional supplements: €1.60 for luggage (all luggage not per piece) and €0.80 for telephone bookings (if your hotel phones for a taxi).

Wheelchairs and prams are free of charge. All of the fares are clearly displayed on the taxi window.

Note: The luggage fee applies even if you do not place the larger item in the boot of the taxi. .

Using citymapper app or site is possible to see what are the public transportations available between 2 points.

On choosing one way it shows detailed information about that option.

You may press on top of the image to get to their website.


Who to Get from METRO Ameixoeira

When arriving by METRO Ameixoeira it is near 400 meters, you should go by :

Rua Jorge de Sena.

Pass near the garden

Turn right

Get the stairs (6x)

Cross the street and get more stairs (2x)

Pass near Os Compadres

Turn Left

Go to number 6, 2ºdto (5x)


METRO and Train stations and lines in Lisbon

Metro Yellow line is the fastest way to reach the middle of the town.

Geographic location of metro lines

Important Phones

SOS         112

Firemen     +351 213 422 222

Police       +351 213 303130

Health Line 808 24 24 24

INEM       213 508 100

Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service

Short Term Rentals are required to report your presence and details to the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) within 3 week days of your arrival.This information should be filled for each person in case there is more than one person.You can fill it on paper or provide it in electronical format.Your documentation should also be checked out to confirm the data.You can check full detail here mandatory to pass the invoice as well.

For the invoice your name, country, local of residence and an identification document will be used.Is possible to pass the invoice with other data like when it is an enterprise that is paying for the stay.


In the case of Portuguese clients there is no communication to the SEF but the invoice must be issued with the address and taxpayer number. If this information is not provided, the invoice will be issued to the final consumer without indicating the taxpayer's number.

The data collected will be used to fulfill law requirements and will be kept for time it is mandatory.

You can correct any information you have provided.


You don´t have to give us your phone number or email or if you gave it to us you can ask for it to be changed or deleted.

Free wifi is provided and the access code is given when you enter.Out of the house is possible to get cards with data plans for mobile phone at shops.You have shops at Centro Comercial do Lumiar that sell this kind of cards.You must have a place for a second card on your mobile, use a second mobile.